Andrew works with men who struggle to have sex and make money. These days, men are measured by how well they can do these things. Although this is an unfair measurement, if you struggle in these areas, you likely deal with an incredible amount of shame.

Rejection, Shame, Fear, Sadness

Andrew could not have sex until he was 30. He wanted love so bad, but experienced repeated romantic rejection due to his issues. He felt that he had to hide these issues from his friends out of fear that he would be ridiculed and shamed. He tried going to therapy, doctors and a multitude of other things to solve this problem.


Once he discovered Karma Healing, everything started to change.


It's All Karma

Image by Tina Witherspoon

Andrew met Leila who helped him heal his karma. After four sessions, things started to shift.

Andrew got a job where he made $20,000 more than his last job!

Andrew started having sex, which has gotten better and better over time!

Andrew Became a Karma Healer

Having realized the benefits of karma healing, Leila trained Andrew on how to do the work. Karma Healing is a huge part of his life and he continues to heal his karmas to this day.


He knew that he wanted to help other men who are dealing with similar issues.