Dream Reality Activator

a day intensive that aligns you with your dream reality


This carefully curated day is divinely guided by each Individual or couples highest self/selves. Leila will study your karmic coding and the needs of your higher self in order to activate your your dream reality. 

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Here’s how this intensive process works:

  • 10am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break

  • Structure will be based on an intuitive hour long phone intake with Andrew or standard questionnaire (whichever feels more aligned)

  • These intensives are done virtually

Dream Reality Activator Intensives are perfect to help you align your business! Business Dream Reality Activators normally consist of intentionally constructing the ideal energetic architecture of a business and aligning the energy in a way in which it can maximize success and increase businesses potential along with revenue.

Are you feeling compelled to work with Leila? 

For a limited time Leila is offering her day intensive at a special investment of $11,111.

Those who feel compelled to work with Leila on a more consistent basis will have the option of joining the Heal Your Own Karma School which launches July 2021. Click below for more information.

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