Intuitive KarmaSessionWith Leila 

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Have you been feeling called to live from your higher self, but you’re not sure what exactly that means? 

You have read books, gone to traditional therapy, and sought out other forms of spiritual healing, but yet you still know in your heart that you're not living to your fullest potential. You have heard about Karma, but you may not know what affects it can have on your life and what it can mean for your life.


Meet Leila, and be prepared to change the narrative and align with your soul’s potential during this wonderful, Intuitive Karma Session.

What is Karma and how how does it affect your life? Why have you been feeling like something is missing or not right?

This experiential 75 minute session can help reveal all of your questions and more.

This session is great for those that would like a sprinkle of intuitive advisement along with some deep healing in the area that is weighing heavy on your heart that day.

 All of this is done virtually as Leila listens to the whispers from your highest self.

Client Love

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

"Before working with Leila I was a divided being. I spent most of my adult life spinning my wheels trying to do everything with force, in denial and completely out of touch with who I really am. In our work together Leila has taught me how to be and love myself; she has released me from the shackles of my past. Her insights are profound, her power of perception extraordinary.

She has taught me to heal myself and thus given me the strength and confidence to follow my intuition. I have made incredible strides not only in my business but in my personal life as well. I am profoundly grateful for her talent.


I highly recommend working with Leila regardless of how many lives you think you have lived- she helps you live your best life right now."


Image by Krystal Ng

Leila came highly recommended by a business coach of mine who sang her praises loudly. After suggesting that I work with her in her Six Months of Magic offering to heal some karmic wounds (no, I didn't have a ton of background behind what those were either!)


I decided to sign-on. Over the past six months I have felt healing, supported + long-time-blocks break open. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with Leila and would recommend her to anyone looking to expand their horizons.



Your Investment

With your investment of $1,111 you will receive a one on one 75 Minute call with Leila where she will 

deconstruct your karmic coding and bring you back into flow.

Please note due to the number of requests for Leila's Intuitive Sessions one on one calls will not exceed 90 minutes. If there is a want for additional time please reach out to for additional options.