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Love Karma 101


Love Karma 101 is the first step in our journey working together. This high-value self lead course will guide you through the process of healing the deepest karmas that stop people from allowing all forms of love into their life. 

Love Karma 101 is the foundation for healing, creating energy, and experiencing reality shifts to guide you towards living the life you deserve. This is the first step in our journey together and one of the most profound ways for me to teach you concepts of karma, energy, deep healing in order to open your heart. 

During this process we will work together to identify past victimizations, defenses, and fears in order to break down energies and allow love to flow into your life.

This high-value, self-lead video training will teach you the secret to receiving the love you desire.


Intuitive advisor and love karma expert, Leila Laura, will guide you through the process of:


  • Understanding how we are all energy and how it shapes our reality

  • Learning what love karma is and how it affects your reality (and may be blocking you from receiving deep love into all aspects of your life)

  • Clearing the karmas that are blocking you from being able to achieve your dream reality


Unlock the secret and open yourself to receiving love today!




Self-Paced Online Coursework

Discover Your Karmic Blocks

Heal your Heart, opening up to your wildest dreams and beyond!

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