Crying at the Barre

This morning I was in class at my favorite Pure Barre studio in Westford, Massachusetts.

A few weeks ago I lost two grandparents in the same week. I didn’t give myself the time and space needed so that I can process my feelings, and I only worked out 2 to 3 times.

I’m a physical processor. That means that if I don’t provide my emotions with a way to come out they store in my physical body. Eventually my physical body will cause me pain, something will actually break, or when I am doing physical activity I might burst out into tears.

Can you relate to this? Have you ever gone on a run and all the sudden found yourself crying for no reason? Well, there is a reason.

If you are reading this and you can relate you may be a Physical Processor, too. It is essential to take time to allow your emotions to release. Exercising at least five times a week is also not a bad idea (and walking counts!). The physical release of sweat, toxins and built up energy - is essential for your success. Exercise tends to be the thing that slides first, giving way to work, TV and excessive socializing. Yes, there is such a thing as excess socializing but we’ll talk about that another day. Try switching around priorities and see what happens!

I am an expert in time management, but that does mean that I apply them to myself all the time. Today was a great example of this. I hadn’t been prioritizing exercise and rearranging my schedule to accommodate the emotional hit of losing 2 loved ones. This lead to crying at the Barre. The teacher was assisting me in deepening my position as I began to cry. She looked at me with confusion and an heir of judgment. Yes, my quads were burning. Yes, my legs were shaking. But more importantly, my heart was crying the tears I had not yet let out.

I thought I had let my feelings around the loss of my grandparents out over the past weeks but what I really did was had minnie burst of tears followed by burying myself in work, creating a new website, and constantly perseverating over my business. If I were a client I would have never advised this.

In some traditions when an individual dies, the family gathers and sits for seven days without changing clothing or doing anything aside from sitting and being with the body and soul that has moved on. During those seven days they are given time to allow all of their emotions out, to fully mourn and grieve, and at the end of the seventh day their grieving is over and it’s time to move on, celebrate the life of the one that has passed, and be happy.

We experience death all of the time in our lives - death of friendships, death of romantic relationships, or even each time we pass from a grade in school. Whether it’s first to second grade, middle school to high school, high school to college or college to adulthood, there is a death process in which we let go of a phase of our life and our celebrate rebirth into a new phase a new opportunity. Walking through the world thinking that we have nothing to grieve or not enough time to grieve is detrimental to the long-term picture of success in our life.

Emotional health is paramount to success. Diving into our emotional world is one of the scariest things we will do ever. Being vulnerable with the ones we love and care about is scary. But it all starts with being honest with ourselves, honest with their emotions, and finding the support we need to dive into our emotional world. It is imperative to invest in support.

It’s not uncommon for me to hear from prospective clients:

“I don’t think this is a good investment for me at this time.”

“I I can’t afford this.”

When what they are really saying is “I’m not worth it and I don’t believe in the ability to truly Elevate my Soul”.

Everyone can dive in deep and Elevate their Soul if they want to. But only you can decide that. What we can’t afford to do is to hold onto our emotions. Stuck emotions are the reason that Karma [ink to Karma Healing page] is such a pervasive block in our society. We find ourselves in this life with lifetimes of unpacked emotions that therapy just can’t touch. This is especially true for the most powerful people among us.

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) over the years in receiving therapy, many other healing modalities and methods. But Karma Healing was by far the biggest game changer.

The first step was truly knowing that I’m worth it. Even when I was homeless I would pay with credit cards to invest in these supports. Some may think is not wise, but I could see the big picture and the end result I wanted which lead me to Soul Elevation.

It’s all been worth it and has made me extremely successful, holistically. I’m successful in my relationship with my husband. I’m successful in my relationship with my family. I’m successful in my business. I’m successful in being a leader to my employees, clients, and, most importantly, I am successful at having an amazing relationship with myself. This success has come from going deep within - moving the energy from this and other lifetimes and allowing myself to be free. There is no stopping the work or the healing opportunities. There’s always someone who’s going to die. There is always an opportunity for death and rebirth on the horizon. Physical processor or not, it is essential to allow emotions and feelings (logical or not) to release.

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