Single Course Pack

Single Course Pack


You receive your choice of my Wealth Activator, Align with your Soulmate, Bring Sexy Back (for married individuals or couples ask for the couples package Wealth Activator or Safety Invoker PLUS

Gain Access to

Private Facebook Group, keeping you in the cocooned energy of this work.

While you grow into the enhanced version or your Dharma self.

Private New Year Sacred Activator Circle


Starts in September 2021.  Recordings will be available.  This option will be available for purchase until the end of November. You will receive the recordings of all the sessions you missed if you sign up after the start date.

  • Note about referral partners (affiliates)

    We have referral partners (affiliates) with us who have signed up to receive credit for those who they referred.  Please answer the questions above so we can make sure they receive credit. If you're interested in joining our referral partner program, please reach out for more details.