The Safety Invoker Box

The Safety Invoker Box


The Safety Invoker Box has been carefully crafted for the Highly Sensitive Individual who needs tools of protection.


Palo Santo chips: to cleanse your space and ground you after a long day.


Smokey quartz: for absorbing negative energy you have picked up through out the day.


Obsidian Arrow: for cord cutting and in pocket protection when traveling


Dumotierite Heart: assists in standing up confidently for yourself and adapting to functional reality, offering patience or courage and activating your instinct for self preservation by instilling unshakable self confidence.


Selenite Bowl: Whether it’s your keys, jewelry or a little trinket from your travels…. If you are highly sensitive, you absolutely need to be cleansing your space and the little things you are carrying around with you. Make a daily ritual of cleansing your keys and see how much easier it is to move forward in life.