Our work together creates a deep, nurturing partnership that allows love energy to enter freely into all aspects of your life. This partnership is created with the intent to guide you on your journey of healing your soul's karma. 
This journey is marked with different programs to facilitate your growth along the way. 

Love Karma 101

Love Karma 101 is the foundation for healing, creating energy, and experiencing reality shifts to guide you towards living the life you deserve. This is the first step in our journey together and one of the most profound ways for me to teach you concepts of karma, energy, deep healing in order to open your heart. 

During this self lead video series we will work together to identify past victimizations, defenses, and fears in order to break down energies and allow love to flow into your life.


Karma Catalog


Our karma draws itself from our past lives, and any karma that is unsettled within us will cause us to feel as if we are going in circles, and we create patterns of the same experiencesThese karma blocks prevent us from allowing more love and success into our lives. 

$22/month for early adopters. Includes:

  • Initial twelve 5-10 minute healings, each focused on a single topic so you can focus on the issues you're facing

  • Access to additional healings as we add them on a monthly basis


Heal Your Own Karma Retreat - May 2023

Come to Asheville and spend 5 days on retreat with Leila learning her method of healing your own karma. Learning how to heal your own karma is like anything worth while, you must deeply immerse yourself; not only into the knowledge and experience but also in a way in which you think/act from this new perspective. This is why this retreat will include free time where you are out and about with all the area has to offer, but at the same time learning how to see karmic codes, how you are playing into them and how to deconstruct them. You will be compassionately witnessed and divinely supported during this 5 day retreat.


Discover The Love You Deserve

Working with Leila, you will uncover your deepest layers of your past to create your new reality and future life. This processes isn't static and it is ever evolving for each individual. Each client will undergo not only transformative healing, but will work with Leila on a deep level to help their life evolve over time. 

Many clients choose to start with one program, and move on to the next. However, your journey is unique to you. There are many choices in working with Leila that can include yearly check ins, continuing programs over many years, or joining new offerings that become called to Leila's heart to create

Leila is invested in working with you over time to create the love that you deserve.