Soul Elevation

a wildly powerful, deeply transformative process


A year long partnership where you will receive the advisement, coaching and healing that will help you surge into your dream reality. Leila does this through clearing the karmic coding that is blocking you from moving forward. This comprehensive process results in a complete energetic makeover where your dreams will be realized.

From the moment you enter into this sacred partnership with Leila, you will be energetically held by her throughout the year. Leila studies your personal & lineage Karma, clears them and resets your energy over the course of your 12 month partnership. You will be given tools and skills to help yourself work through these karmic coding blocks so you can live your dream reality.


During your Soul Elevation partnership you’ll enjoy all the precious and rare benefits of working with a mind-blowingly gifted energy healer like Leila who will:

  • Starts with a Dream Reality Activator

    •  A full day intensive session structured around an intuitive hour long phone intake with Andrew or standard questionnaire (whichever feels more comfortable) and a study of your karmic coding/guided highest self’s needs that Leila does in preparation for your special day.

    • The day is 9am-4pm with a 90 minute lunch break

    • In person at Leila’s office in Groton, MA, USA (preferred)

    • Three one-hour coaching/healing sessions per month via phone or Zoom

  • Access to Leila between sessions via Voxer messaging app. Leila will respond when she is guided to and has received the information that is needed - this can take up to 2 weeks at times and more often is within 48 hours.

  • Throughout the year Leila spends a minimum of 12 hours behind the scenes working on smoothing out the energetic strands that construct our reality and manifesting on your behalf in ways that often cannot be vocalized through words.  

  • Access to monthly full moon gatherings as long as they continue

Soul Elevation is for you if...

  • You’ve worked with therapists and coaches before but still don’t feel like you’ve reached the level of success you were meant to have

  • You’re ready to commit to investing in yourself and making lifelong changes

  • You’re open to input even if it’s not logical to you

  • You’re willing to take leaps of faith, understanding that it may be terrifying when you’re in the middle of it, but that it’s a normal part of the process 

  • You have a strong relationship with God, or are willing to pray and meditate to support yourself in the process of the unknown

  • You are comfortable or willing to embrace expressing and living from gratitude, understanding that this is a key component in manifesting

  • You are truly ready to allow more love and success in your life

Soul Elevation is NOT for you if...

  • You aren’t open to the possibility of karma 

  • You aren’t willing to be vulnerable and trusting

  • You aren’t able to independently reflect upon new insights between weekly sessions. (Soul Elevation is a very deep, supportive partnership, including weekly sessions with Leila, but in between sessions there is no communication so that an individual may assimilate on their own. Leila is a facilitator of this work but it is the individual that chooses to heal.)

  • You aren’t willing to look at the shadow of yourself (everyone has one, and in order to allow yourself to shine more we must look at yours).​





$55,555 + 10 monthly payments of $5,500

  • 4-hour Soul Elevation Activation Session. Reviewing intentions and activation of this sacred partnership.

  • 3 SE Coaching/Healing Sessions per month. These 1 hour phone or Zoom sessions serve to keep up motivation and mindset, boost your energy, clear karma and discuss any guidance available.

  • Regular analysis of your personal and lineage karma history throughout the year.

  • Coaching

  •  Personal Intuitive Advisor (just like KINGS and QUEENS

  • Leila's Manifesting Energy behind all of your goals.

  • Growing your own intuition. The more you live from your soul self, the greater your source connection becomes.