What our Clients Say 


Through her own life experiences Leila has changed the lives of many people. She vowed to help others with their Life Karma's and heal their pain as she did for herself. Take a moment to listen and read some of our client testimonials below.


"Before I invested in Soul Elevation I felt stuck in old patterns. I was isolated, avoiding life, and unable to move forward.


I have noticed a marked improvement in negative self-talk and self-blame since starting Soul Elevation. I now have more tools in my tool kit to help me get unstuck.


One of the most valuable parts of Soul Elevation for me has been the trusting, supportive relationship with Leila. I also found the clearing session to be especially helpful.


I would recommend Soul Elevation to anyone who feels stuck in their life or is unable to make changes.


Leila is gifted at hearing information from guides and angels, and can tell you what is blocking you. I felt that I had reached a wall or block in the type of therapy I was having, and I felt more hopeless. I felt stuck and had no trust in myself, and I had a lot of negative self-talk that served to defeat me before I was able to even get started.


I now am more positive and feel lighter emotionally. I also feel stronger and better able to achieve the changes that I want in my life."


-A.M., Boston doctor