Womb Healing Intensive Details

  • Meets Tuesday's at 6:30pm and Thursday's at 2pm ET.

  • Goes for six weeks, skipping Thanksgiving week, 12 classes total.

  • Thursday's will feature a guest speaker.

  • Sessions will be recorded for those who can't make it or want to review

  • One 30 minute session per week with Leila 


This is for women who:

  • Feel like there's something missing in their business or career

  • Feel like they are failing in some way raising their children

  • Are having trouble conceiving a child

WHI teacher collage.png

Our lovely Womb Healing Intensive teachers!

Clockwise from top left: 

  • Spiritual Mentor Asha Ramakrishna

  • Psychic Medium Erica Lee

  • Business Leadership Coach Anna Tsui

  • Martial Artist/Personal Trainer Ana Carolina Lima (Morena)

  • Integrative Performance Therapist Megan Marini


Led by Love Karma Expert Leila Laura

Since awakening to her Soul Self, Leila has advised, coached and healed countless others to help them find love by differentiating between trauma, drama, or karma, ego or soul self, disempowered living or empowered living. The combination of coaching (looking towards your future) with Karmic Healing (healing of past traumas), she is able to support individuals in allowing their dream reality to come to fruition.