Work with the First EVER Heal Your Own Karma Practitioner.....

Andrew Sullivan.

Heal Your Own Karma Practitioners Reweave Reality

Heal Your Own Karma (HYOK) Practitioners have gone through a thorough process of learning how to heal their own karma and others' karma as taught directly by founder of this specific method of karma healing, Leila Laura. 

Next Practitioner Training will be in 2023, if interested in becoming a practitioner please reach out to learn about pre-requisites.


Andrew Sullivan

Andrew has been been gifted with organic healing and spiritual journey for much of his life. He would listen to spiritual books when in the car with his parents as a child and was taught the power of alternative healing at a young age.

In College he majored in Exercise Science and minored in Business.

Andrew spent years in customer service and personal training ending that chapter of his career after a successful time as a Lead Trainer. His career in personal training gave him a keen eye for deconstructing patterns and unconscious beliefs and creating a methodical approach to problem solving. Along with a side hobby of loving to fix cars, which has given him patience, endurance and the belief that everything is fixable especially with Karmic Deconstruction through his spiritual advisement and intuition.

Andrew was cracked open in his first karma healing session with Leila Laura. He was her second ever paying client and not only opened up to a job change with a $20K raise, but within 4 sessions he also freed himself of his Rejected Groom Karmic Bonds.

Since the beginning of Andrew's romantic relationship, with his now wife, Leila Laura, he was fascinated by her work. It also ignited a desire for spiritual books that lead to a 2 year absorption of as much scripture as possible.

Over the past few years Andrew has intensified his practice, expanding his self awareness, spiritual understanding and karma healing practice. Through karma healing Andrew has overcome sexual impotency and repeated romantic rejection.

Watch the video below to witness Andrew's personal experience with karma healing....