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Karma Sessions

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What are Karma Sessions?


Individuals incarnate into this world with Traumas (Karmas) and Gifts (Dharmas) from the past. These Karmas and Dharmas shape our lives from the core. Long held belief systems, assumptions and fears can cause us pain and suffering.  They can block us and deprive us from the life that the Divine originally intends for us.  Often these assumptions are so close to us that we don’t even recognize them.  They can be from early childhood events or even something we were born with.   

These Karmas may not serve how we are choosing to live now.


Together, through inquiry, intuition and guidance, we can dissolve these traumas.


We will go to the very source of where these traumas originate.  They will be identified and released.

What to Expect...

  • Sessions are 90 minutes and take place remotely by phone or Zoom

  • Most of the time spent in our session will be intuitive advisement and seeing what Karmas come up during our conversation

  • The last part of our session will be spent clearing your Karmas and integrating your energy activating the desired changes that are intended for the session.

Leila's clients say that these sessions are equivalent to a year of counseling - that's how magical and powerful these sessions can be. The most effective way to experience this magic is through monthly sessions for at least a year. 


What People are saying about Karma Sessions:

"I write this testimonial to share how fortunate my family and I have been to meet and work with Leila Laura.  She is truly gifted with insights and abilities seemingly beyond her young years.

At this time every one in my family of 4 has been seeing Leila regularly, myself, my husband and my two boys, ages 11 and 15.  We have been seeing her since the summer of '15.  In that time the calm and gentleness that has descended on my household have been... priceless.


Before we started working with Leila we saw all manner of traditional and alternative practitioners for all sorts of physical and emotional challenges. Despite following the advice of therapists and doctors alike, our challenges did not abate. Visiting a chiropractor 1-2 times a week for years, when my joint pain was elevated temporarily, one session with Leila completely cleared it.


My children presented with challenges such as skin eruptions that no manner of dietary changes, or lotions and potions addressed.  They had anger eruptions and lack of motivation where different modalities of therapy had been tried.  Then, after barely a few sessions, skin is healed and emotions are being self-regulated.  Conversations are calm as problem solving occurs.  We are able to be present and connect with each other, as opposed to direct escalation and drama and avoidance.


When friends ask me about KARMA KARE healing, I explain that it is an opportunity to heal past life PTSDs, to heal those things that don't seem to heal with any other modalities.  A session with Leila provides validation for all those idiosyncratic thoughts and actions and attitudes that run around in your head and sometimes run away with you, as if you have no control. 


A session with Leila is an opportunity to find explanations as to why those thoughts and actions and attitudes have not gone away, despite the many years in therapy where you might identify an issue, talk it to death, devise ways of hopefully addressing them, but they just don't go away. 


With Leila, I never feel judged. I feel ever hopeful as things shift from one session to the next.


I love that Leila uses an eclectic set of tools.  Unique to her vast experience in working on herself, she clearly has such depth and knowledge.  And when either my husband or I have an appointment with Leila, the other inevitably says,



I would recommend Leila to anyone without reservation.

I can't wait for my next appointment."



“I've known Leila for a little while now and I've come to hear of the work that she is so deeply passionate about. As a friend, I try to be supportive and loving in all aspects of my friend's life, even when their views don't mirror mine ( sometimes I think those are the best relationships).

Much of how I live my life and practice my career is deeply rooted in evidence based practice. There are typically very tangible ways to get from a problem to a solution. My perception of what Leila does on a day to day basis couldn't seem farther from that. In other words. I felt like we are on a common spectrum of helping people but are on polar opposites with our approach. I mention this because I was incredibly skeptical.

I decided to try a session with Leila. I was curious. I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for from our session. I can say I had this feeling of heaviness that I was carrying around that seemed related to difficulty connecting with my daughter and poor self esteem from multiple failed relationships. Leila was incredibly comforting and explained all that she did. My experience was profound.

While I can't say exactly what has occurred within me, I can definitely attest to feeling lighter in many areas. There has also been an obvious shift in the dynamics with my daughter; things haven't been this good in quite sometime.

I highly recommend a session with Leila.”


"Meeting Leila I immediately felt comfortable with her and intrigued about Karma work. Our first session went beyond my expectations, providing really impactful insight and healing. Leila has a unique set of skills and uses them to provide the best support for each person. I highly recommend working with her, she's a pleasure to know!" 

-Sonya Highfield

“ Leila's Karma Sessions feel liberating! I feel comfortable with her warm and care-full style.. I feel shifts in my life since my first session with Leila in June. The most remarkable is the shift in my home space. The theme of homelessness has played out many times in my life. I've moved an average of every 3 years since birth! Always living with someone, or care-taking vacant homes. I never felt anchored, or 100% at ease in those places. Leila worked with me and the angels to clear that homelessness karma. In September I moved into my own place! It feels exactly right! Opportunities and people flow easily and plentifully now, and I feel at ease! Thank you!!! “

- Leslie Johnson

" I had never heard of Karmic Healing before meeting Leila, and was eager to try it. As someone in recovery from multiple addictions, I am always exploring ways to supplement the spiritual practice that keeps me happy & clean/sober.

I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare, but Leila was warm and welcoming from the beginning, and the environment put me at ease. She didn't press me with "Why are you here?" questions, but I understood that if I had any specific problems I wanted to discuss, I was welcome to. For me, key areas of focus came forward through Leila's skill at isolating aspects of past & present life that may be negatively impacting me. She has a unique and unconventional way of addressing these areas. She is a gifted energy worker.

Leila possesses something beyond intuition. She was able to tap into ancient energies and experiences & facilitate understanding of why I live and behave the way I do. The experience was therapeutic for my recovery specifically because I was able to see how my pattern of addiction stretches much further back than I had previously considered. Although I must still be vigilant and do the hard work of recovery, I was reminded that there are forces beyond the material world that will aid me in fulfilling my ultimate purpose. I left feeling calm and reflective, like I had a massage for the soul. Thanks, Leila! "


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