Our work together creates a deep, nurturing partnership that allows love energy to enter freely into all aspects of your life. This partnership is created with the intent to guide you on your journey of healing your soul's karma. 
This journey is marked with different programs to facilitate your growth along the way. 

Your journey is unique to you and the path that you will follow with Leila will be discovered together. 

Some clients start with Love Karma 101 and progress to Dream Reality Activator and then onto Soul Elevation.

Others dive right into Soul Elevation and then check in with Leila periodically with private healing sessions. 

While other clients might take a different approach and start with Virtual Group Karma Healings. 

Your journey is unique to you and together Leila will help guide you in which path that is right for you.

Love Karma 101

Dream Reality Activator

Love Karma 101 is the foundation for healing, creating energy, and experiencing reality shifts to guide you towards living the life you deserve. This is the first step in our journey together and one of the most profound ways for me to teach you concepts of karma, energy, deep healing in order to open your heart. 

During this self lead video series we will work together to identify past victimizations, defenses, and fears in order to break down energies and allow love to flow into your life.

This special offering is for those who are ready to commit to making massive change forward in their life. 


In this partnership we look at what your dream reality would be a year from now and break down karmic blocks that are stopping you from attaining that desired reality.


Are you a business owner who are wanting to align & receive versus the exhausting hustle?


Are you desiring to bring more love into all areas of your life but not sure how? 

Deeply Desiring Love and Marriage?

Or Just want some seriously good advisement and energetic alignment?

This day intensive will change your life!

Soul Elevation

A wildly powerful, deeply transformative process.


From the moment you enter into this sacred partnership with Leila, you will be energetically held by her throughout the year. Leila doesn’t simply identify Karma as the reason for your struggles and give you a few tools or skills to help you keep it at bay, Leila studies your personal & lineage Karma, clears them, and resets your energy over the course of the 12 months you work together.

This results in a complete Energetic Makeover, allowing you to move forward into higher levels of success, LOVE and self. Soul Elevation is for those who are ready to make a big investment in themselves.  

Discover The Love You Deserve

Working with Leila, you will uncover your deepest layers of your past to create your new reality and future life. This processes isn't static and it is ever evolving for each individual. Each client will undergo not only transformative healing, but will work with Leila on a deep level to help their life evolve over time. 

Many clients choose to start with one program, and move on to the next. However, your journey is unique to you. There are many choices in working with Leila that can include yearly check ins, continuing programs over many years, or joining new offerings that become called to Leila's heart to create. 

Leila is invested in working with you over time to create the love that you deserve.

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