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6 Months of Magic


You are ready to learn how to heal your own karmic blocks in order to live the life you deserve. You have put the work into building your career, taking control of your every day life, but something still seems to be missing. And you are craving massive change. Your heart is ready to accept love in to complete the life that you have built over the years. 

Diving into 6 Months of Magic  with Leila will activate the energy needed to align your life in order to live your dream reality. First, you will identify what your dream reality would look like a year from now. Then we will identify the karmic blocks and clear them, together. 

This intimate partnership is for those who are ready to unveil their highest self. 

Leila Laura, Love Karma Expert, Karma Healing, Intuitive Advisor

Join Leila in this journey to experience true miracles in your life. Each month you will meet with Leila to hyper-focus on one specific area of your life that you want to change. By doing this, you are concentrating all of your energy into creating change in this area of your life. 

Within the first few months of this partnership, you will experience massive shifts in your life. Creating more wealth, allowing love into your heart, moving forward in your life after a trauma, are all possible in this heart-centered healing journey. 


6 monthly payments of $333

Sliding Scale for those in need

Dream Life Questionnaire to uncover your deepest desires

One 60 minute Meeting a Month with Leila

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