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“Finding the right guy and being in a relationship used to be easy for me. I, therefore, knew that something was off, when finding the right guy was a struggle after 7 years. I had a gut feeling this was not something I was doing wrong but there was some energetic block that had to be moved. It hasn’t been long since I’ve started working with Leila (2.5 months) but I have noted clear changes.


Previously, I was starting to feel hopeless and quite sad about the situation in my life. I want a family and kids and as the years went by I was afraid that this may not happen. I now have hope and optimism that things will work out. There is an inner peace about my future and confidence that with Leila I can co-create the desires of my heart and release blocks.


I feel connected to source/God again.


A number of serendipitous events and people also have come into my life who add Joy and people who don’t seem to have fallen away. Other areas of my life that may seem less important also has shifted from my road rage (lol), to more harmony at work and also being more organized and timely in my life.


Essentially I am feeling back in flow…


I think I had to be at this point in my life where I had exhausted other options like matchmakers, therapy, coaches, and praying to realize it was something beyond me. I now feel reconnected to God/universe and being in the flow through a direct source (Leila). I feel like I am living rather than reacting to life, and there is a return of hope and optimism in my future.


I was the type of person that could always find a solution to my problem whether it was health, getting through years of school or finding a great job. But love was this problem where I was just stuck. The harder I “worked” it energetically seemed to be pushing it away. Once you have exhausted all the options, chances are, it’s a sign. Leila is that connection to God to help remove the seen and unseen blocks.


Even if you haven’t exhausted all options, working with Leila offers a powerful, wise, kind guide that can assist you so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. She releases blocks much faster.


I felt fear of the unknown in this process, but I told myself I don’t have to understand, because there are times in life where you need to just have faith and trust.  This was going to be one such occasion.


I felt fear that the process was not in alignment with my Christian beliefs, but I quickly realized this is a process of Love and connecting with God. There is no religious conflict. It may have actually allow me to connect with God in a more authentic way.


I felt fear of the level of financial commitment, but I think when one takes a stand that I am going to make this huge investment and do whatever it takes for my life to shift, the magic begins. The gains are worth it and likely will pay itself back and more in the future.


Being a person who could always fix my problems, it was very humbling to realize that sometimes there are blocks that we cannot fix on our own.


If you are feeling stuck, that’s the time. It is worth the investment. The investment pays back exponentially in how all aspects of your life change for the better. I had done almost everything else and it hadn’t worked by the time I heard of Leila. I also intuitively felt the block was more energetic or karmic. I now feel more connected to source/God, I have hope and optimism that I can co-create in life, I am more confident and clear about love, and have quickly met someone who may be the right guy, I am more at peace, have better work/life balance, and am much happier now.

This work will change your life for the better in so many ways, not just for the reason you are seeking. Numerous serendipitous events and people will align in your life and you will be back in the flow. The great thing is that I can talk to Leila if things come up about the process. I enjoy the shifts we made together to address and work around things that would come up."


-Monica, Boston doctor


"Before I invested in Soul Elevation I felt stuck in old patterns. I was isolated, avoiding life, and unable to move forward.


I have noticed a marked improvement in negative self-talk and self-blame since starting Soul Elevation. I now have more tools in my tool kit to help me get unstuck.


One of the most valuable parts of Soul Elevation for me has been the trusting, supportive relationship with Leila. I also found the clearing session to be especially helpful.


I would recommend Soul Elevation to anyone who feels stuck in their life or is unable to make changes.


Leila is gifted at hearing information from guides and angels, and can tell you what is blocking you. I felt that I had reached a wall or block in the type of therapy I was having, and I felt more hopeless. I felt stuck and had no trust in myself, and I had a lot of negative self-talk that served to defeat me before I was able to even get started.


I now am more positive and feel lighter emotionally. I also feel stronger and better able to achieve the changes that I want in my life."


-A.M., Boston doctor


“The support that Leila provides is incredible. She is so committed to my growth and to helping me find my true path. There is nothing that is off limits, she is incredibly easy to open up to, her non-judgement and loving approach creates a safe space to just be. She takes her work very seriously, each session is special and focused.  She is very loving even when we are working through difficult things.


Leila’s sensitivity and ability to see things in the energetic provides for faster shifts, healing and I have experienced rapid spiritual transformation & growth, which has brought emotional healing.  She has a very tangible ability to hold such loving space when dealing with hard painful things that the outcome is healing and not suffering, which is a clear distinction from a lot of other experiences I have had when working with professionals to address some of the trauma of my past.


Life is in flow, I am trusting the universe to provide & guide as I take one step at a time in response to the guidance I am given internally and through sessions with Leila, after which I am often able to receive clearer guidance, after clearing karmas, or addressing the areas where I am out of alignment, or the parts of me that I am not loving.


I have experienced healing in my family relationships, deeper my connection to the Divine and received very clear guidance around the direction of my life & career.


[What surprised me the most was] how real and impactful the work has been. Subtle but after a year, my conversations are different, my thought patterns are different and I am learning true self-love, which has to start with looking at the wounded parts, accepting them for what they are, accepting & choosing all the wounded pieces just as they are.  Instead of running from the parts of me that don’t feel good, I am learning to embrace them because they are part of me and part of my story. Little by little, the redemption of the hidden things that felt so terrible and humiliating are becoming the most beautiful parts of my story."




"Before working with Leila I was a divided being. I spent most of my adult life spinning my wheels trying to do everything with force, in denial and completely out of touch with who I really am. In our work together Leila has taught me how to be and love myself; she has released me from the shackles of my past. Her insights are profound, her power of perception extraordinary. She has taught me to heal myself and thus given me the strength and confidence to follow my intuition. I have made incredible strides not only in my business but in my personal life as well. I am profoundly grateful for her talent.


I highly recommend working with Leila regardless of how many lives you think you have lived- she helps you live your best life right now."


- H.G.


"I wanted to see improvement in the connection between my husband and I and release old childhood woundings around my parents that felt like they were clinging to me in the present through triggers and pain. 

"I’ve felt not only a deeper connection to my husband but ultimately within myself.  I’ve let go of old pain by feeling and releasing it and noticing that most of it was not mine to carry any longer.  I’ve felt lighter, more at ease within myself, and find it easier to calm myself if I’ve experienced an anxious situation. 

"Leila’s attention to detail in her sessions, her intuitive ability, her direct approach and the weekly support was wonderful.  Learning about the energetic connection of lineage karma and the power of energy was very helpful."


- Ashley, Boston - CEO & Coach

Holding Hands

"I write this testimonial to share how fortunate my family and I have been to meet and work with Leila Laura.  She is truly gifted with insights and abilities seemingly beyond her young years.

At this time every one in my family of 4 has been seeing Leila regularly, myself, my husband and my two boys, ages 11 and 15.  We have been seeing her since the summer of '15.  In that time the calm and gentleness that has descended on my household have been... priceless.


Before we started working with Leila we saw all manner of traditional and alternative practitioners for all sorts of physical and emotional challenges. Despite following the advice of therapists and doctors alike, our challenges did not abate. Visiting a chiropractor 1-2 times a week for years, when my joint pain was elevated temporarily, one session with Leila completely cleared it.


My children presented with challenges such as skin eruptions that no manner of dietary changes, or lotions and potions addressed.  They had anger eruptions and lack of motivation where different modalities of therapy had been tried.  Then, after barely a few sessions, skin is healed and emotions are being self-regulated.  Conversations are calm as problem solving occurs.  We are able to be present and connect with each other, as opposed to direct escalation and drama and avoidance.


When friends ask me about KARMA KARE healing, I explain that it is an opportunity to heal past life PTSDs, to heal those things that don't seem to heal with any other modalities.  A session with Leila provides validation for all those idiosyncratic thoughts and actions and attitudes that run around in your head and sometimes run away with you, as if you have no control. 


A session with Leila is an opportunity to find explanations as to why those thoughts and actions and attitudes have not gone away, despite the many years in therapy where you might identify an issue, talk it to death, devise ways of hopefully addressing them, but they just don't go away. 


With Leila, I never feel judged. I feel ever hopeful as things shift from one session to the next.


I love that Leila uses an eclectic set of tools.  Unique to her vast experience in working on herself, she clearly has such depth and knowledge.  And when either my husband or I have an appointment with Leila, the other inevitably says,



I would recommend Leila to anyone without reservation.

I can't wait for my next appointment."


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