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Meet Leila


Leila Laura is a rare transformational Coach, Healer and Seer.

Since awakening to her Soul Self, Leila has advised, coached and healed countless others to help them find love by differentiating between trauma, drama, or karma, ego or soul self, disempowered living or empowered living. The combination of coaching (looking towards your future) with Karmic Healing (healing of past traumas), she is able to support individuals in allowing their dream reality to come to fruition.


Leila’s journey has not been an easy one. Marked with sexual trauma, difficult biological chemistry, attempted suicide and repeated failed relationships. Her early life was a far cry from the beautiful, luminous life she now leads.


Through her own process of receiving Karma Healing and working on her own karma, she reawakened her gift of seeing and understanding others’ karma.

After a lifetime of romantic rejection and romantic drama, she found her perfect person at age 30, though it took clearing karma to align with with them and allow them into her life. Through her own process of healing and awakening to gifts from her past lives, individuals began to find her for help. Now over 4 years later the proof is in the pudding; many clients have gotten married, had their first real love relationship, babies and so much more.


Leila lives a simple life with her Husband, and 2 sons. She Thanks God everyday for the gifts she has been given to help others and can't wait to meet you.

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