Leila's Tribe

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Leila's Tribe membership will help you clear the energy of the collective unconscious, realign your energy, let go of the yuckadoo we all pick up on a day to day basis and bring all of you back in. When you have all of you, YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!


In this monthly membership, you will...


  • Become part of an exclusive Tribe of powerful people

  • Receive monthly live Rejuvenations sessions

  • Have access to weekly energy reports on how energy is affecting the tribe

  • Meet your Tribe face-to-face at quarterly Tribe Gatherings

The Tribe is for You if...

  • You are highly sensitive

  • You take care of others in some capacity (healer, coach, assistant, mother, etc.)

  • You want more MAGIC in your life

  • You desire a community of women who are also sensitive and navigating this wild world while shining their light

1-year Subscription for $149 per month or $1,500 upfront



Why Join the Tribe