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How healing your karma could help you conceive:

It’s not uncommon for women to come to me who are in their late 30s early 40s, struggling with conception, and both they and their doctors don't understand why. It’s heartbreaking to watch another woman as she repeatedly miscarries or struggles to become pregnant at all, investing heavily in fertility treatment and so much more; especially when, the problem isn’t anything with them or the physical body but more so the traumas from other lives that make it so that their system is too afraid to allow for conception.

Karma around fertility is easy yet complex at the same time. Easy because the majority of women I work with on a day-to-day basis have died in childbirth in past lives. They carry simple karmas like: grieving mother, death in childbirth, primary defense of avoiding pregnancy - when I initially work with these clients, it is easy and automatic to clear after a glance. It becomes complicated when understanding the depths of their personal traumas around this experience. It takes an unraveling of their soul in which we find the true root of what is stopping them from allowing a baby into their physical body and into their life.

However, through inquiry, honesty, and compassion, I am proud to say I have successfully helped many women (including myself) to not only conceive, but also healthfully carry a baby and birth children into this world.

If your doctors have told you that you can have children but don't understand why you have yet to conceive, I would be honored to help you allow a beautiful baby into your life.

I personally struggled with child conception - my body was terrified. Andrew and I had tried for two years and were ready to give up. I’d had several miscarriages. My system was afraid of pregnancy, childbirth and everything it comes with after experiencing an abortion at age 16 and a traumatic childbirth at 19. I also was terrified that I’d be a bad mom. I was a child raising a child with my first son and that was traumatizing for my system. Some women are able to raise children when they are very young, that was not me. The amount of disappointment and guilt I’ve carried around since my youngest was born was like carrying a massive boulder.

Once I was finally pregnant - I remember we were so shocked and relieved and elated. However, the entire pregnancy was very hard … business slowed because of lack of energy - I had to do a lot of karma clearing leading up to and during the pregnancy to keep the baby healthy and within me. It was really powerful and I am so grateful for having the tool of karma healing in my life. I don’t think I could’ve conceived without all of the karma’s we cleared. One of the things I love most about karma healing is the ripple effect it has. For instance, due to all of the healing I had done during the pregnancy something shifted in a big way with my first son that I “failed.” A few months after baby Raphael was born, my older son asked to live with us - healing my karma allowed both Raphael and Christian into my life. My soul feels at peace and our home is overflowing with love.

If you feel that karma is stopping you from allowing children into your life, I would be honored to support you in healing and allowing those children in. Feel free to click here to book a free consultation with me.


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