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What is Karma?

Karmas are our past traumas that our ego identifies with. Our traumatic victimizations and failures turn into defenses, hungers, perceptions, presentations, etc. These karmas turn into unwanted patterns, or patterns that we have normalized but are holding us back from getting what we want in our career/business. Here are a few karmic categories (note that this is an incomplete list):

  • Victimizations - our ego identifies as being hurt or negatively impacted by a situation. You are the victim, you were hurt and received no benefit from what happened.

  • Failures - you failed trying something and your ego identifies more with the shame than the benefits of the failure.

  • Defense - something that your ego puts in place to prevent the victimization or failure from happening again. Addictions and anger fit into this category.

  • Hungers - typically come from our failures. For example, if your ego identifies as a failed investor, then you could have a hunger to become a successful investor. In business, someone who is "hungry" is a good worker, but in this case it's different from being hard working. In this case, the person is desperate or obsessed - effectively pushing away what they are hungry for.

  • Perceptions - if your ego identifies as being a failed investor for example, then you could have the perception that you are a bad investor. This perception is trying to protect you from reliving the trauma if failed investor.

  • Presentations - your failed investor karma will also make you insecure about investing. This will show up as a presentation that you are a bad investor and you probably won't get that job as a hedge fund manager or other investment management role.

While there are many other types of karmas, the ones listed here can be rolled into two categories:

  1. Something bad happened to us - our victimizations and failures

  2. How we prevent that bad thing from happening again - our defenses, hungers, perceptions and presentations

Can you see how these karmas will stop you from achieving what you want in your life? Let me know.

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