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The Taster

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Have you been feeling called to live at your higher self, but not sure what exactly that means? 

You have read books, gone to traditional therapy, sought out other forms of spiritual healing but yet you still know in your heart that you're not living to your fullest potential. You have heard about Karma but you may not know what affects it can have on your life and what it can mean for your life.

Enjoy this wonderful, Taster session with Leila.

Why are your friends so enamored with this work? And what are you feeling pulled toward?


Find out for yourself and with this experiential 50 minute session.

We will diagnose your main chakras and archetypal Karma's that are blocking you from your dream reality, clearing your top 5 karma's. All of this is done without touch as Leila listens to the whispers of your highest self.



$555 for 1 50-minute session

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