Reach Your Soul Potential

Hey there, Beautiful Soul!

You are powerful, smart, and attractive. You are highly successful and career driven. You have so much to offer in your career, in your life, and in your relationships.


But, you feel like something is missing. You feel like you have yet to tap into your Soul’s Potential that is keeping you stuck - in your career, in your relationships, or in your life.


Beautiful Soul, hear this:

There is nothing wrong with YOU.


The reason that you are stuck in these areas of your life is because of



What is Karma?

No, not that kind of karma… “You did something bad and therefore you attract bad things." Karma is the totality of your experiences in this and other lives. Karma is a magnet attracting the same thing to you over and over again.


Karma affects everyone and everything. It holds us in these patterns of insanity, of distancing ourselves from the love or next level we so deeply crave. It’s what is blocking you from allowing more love and more success into all areas of your life.

But, because you’ve been guided here, you now have a hidden gem up your sleeve who can identify and heal your Karma, leaving you open to finding your Soul’s potential.

Meet Leila Laura

Leila Laura supports powerful single, divorced and married people who are looking for more love in their lives. She leads them to a higher level of soul success, which is different for each Soul Elevation client. Love is always the key to soul success, so whether you are looking for more romantic love, peace, healing, or help solving past trauma, Leila is able to help you bring more love in.

Leila has had a difficult journey, both in life and in love. From being raised in trauma to living in homelessness just a few short years ago, Leila invested in her own personal Soul Elevation journey which has brought her to the beautiful and successful business, life, and marriage she enjoys today.

How does she do it?

Through deep nurturing partnerships.......


Six Months of Magic

A special offering and is available on a limited basis.  In this partnership we look at what your dream reality would be a year from now and break down karmic blocks that are stopping you from attaining that desired reality. This is great for business owners who are wanting to align and receive versus the exhausting hustle.  Also great for those who are wanting more love in their lives.

If you are ready for more magic in your life, flow in your business or romantic opportunity this partnership is for you.

Soul Elevation 

A wildly powerful, deeply transformative process. From the moment you enter into this sacred partnership with Leila, you will be energetically held by her throughout the year. Leila doesn’t simply identify Karma as the reason for your struggles and give you a few tools or skills to help you keep it at bay.

No, Leila actually studies your personal and lineage Karma, clears them, and resets your energy over the course of the 12 months you work together. This results in a complete Energetic Makeover, allowing you to move forward into higher levels of success, LOVE and self.

Soul Elevation is for those who are ready to make a big investment in themselves.  If this is you, ask for more information!

Love Karma 101

This high-value self lead course will guide you through the process of healing the deepest karmas that stop people from allowing all forms of love into their life. If you are ready for more love in your life click here to allow love in now!


“I want a family and kids and as the years went by I was afraid that this may not happen. I now have hope and optimism that things will work out. There is an inner peace about my future and confidence that with Leila I can co-create the desires of my heart and release blocks.”

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