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He called me his “ Good Luck Chuck”

Years ago, I dated this guy, Nick. When we first met, I thought he was so cute. I, of course at the time, was dating another guy. I point this out because there’s nothing more powerful than “greener grass” vision. You know that feeling when you are settled into a relationship and all of the sudden other people start looking delicious? This is totally natural. Our Animal nature looks at people, wondering, “Do I want to fuck it, eat it or kill it?” But, the Animal nature “fuck it” aspect gets stronger when we relax into a relationship because we know the other person is into us… That’s when those of us with Love Karma tend to start looking for other options due to subconscious fears of the relationship not working out. It’s a way of avoiding vulnerability.

But, I digress... back to Nick...

A couple of years later, our paths crossed again and we finally went out on a date. He was completely emotionally available, which of course made me very uncomfortable. We lied in bed and he would talk about his deepest feelings, sending me poetry the next day expressing his excitement for our connection. Ugh. It made me so nauseous. So, of course I would push him away.

It’s funny because I can see this so clearly now but back then, I saw it as, “Why do I always end up with the wrong guy?” We casually dated that summer, but it finally got to a point where neither of us really wanted to stay the night anymore. By the end of the summer, he contacted me one day. He was elated! “I met my perfect woman! You are my Good Luck Chuck!” I was furious at the time that he called me that. But, looking back, I can totally see how it was true. I was Energetically so closed off to love that he couldn’t fall in love with me. However, because of dating me (someone who was extremely emotionally and, more importantly, energetically unavailable), Nick was able to realize what he wanted in a romantic partnership, which manifested his perfect match.

Nick was also right around age 30. How can you define if you are stuck in a love karma pattern? Before 30, you are just learning who you are and what you want in a relationship. This is why I work with people between the ages of 35 and 55. If you are still single and/or divorced by 35, it’s your love karma. Before then, it’s likely just your dating process.

Love Karma is so deeply complicated and yet simple to resolve at the same time through the Love Karma Program or Soul Elevation. It’s taken a ton of studying of my own and other’s painful love history to understand the impact that romantic rejection in our current and past lives has on us, and the process it takes to unwind that karmic pattern. If you feel you are “doing” all of the right things but still don’t have your dream love life, and are ready to invest in Truly allowing in Love, let’s chat.

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