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Rejected Bride No More

I remember the first boy I “fell in love with." It was on the preschool playground and I had a full blown fantasy relationship in my head. He would think I was the most beautiful girl in class and one day he would come win my heart. Damn Disney!

I just wanted him to open his eyes and see me. See how lovely I was, see my beauty, my dazzling personality! I tried to kiss him one day and he ran away. But that didn’t deter me. I continued spending my life being boy crazy and would attract other boy-crazy friends!

Fast forward to the end of elementary school - fourth grade, I think - and there was this boy who had just moved and was new at school. His name was Kyle and I thought he was so cute. Of course I asked him out, whatever that meant back then. He said no.

Three years later in middle school I was fully developed, looking like a teenager, heels, make up, the whole nine yards... Guess who decided to ask me to the dance? Kyle. As any good “rejected bride” would, I said no to him.

When someone has Rejected Bride Karma or any romantically or sexually rejected Karma they also have Defense Karmas (i.e., Primary Defense of Rejecting Others).

That moment of rejecting others felt so empowering, my blood rushed and I felt as though I had “true power”. This set up the rest of grade school as a playground of catch and throw back. Get the guy to be interested and then reject him before he would lose interest and reject me.

Honestly, until my now-husband, my longest relationship was only a year, if not 3 months. Usually 3 months into dating there would be a massive fight, break up, make up and then jump right back into the relationship even though it was a clear mismatch. Or if it was a case of “match out of fear”, we would have broken up permanently. Sometimes it really wasn’t fun… I remember one of the guys I actually really liked. I was constantly pushing him away. When he finally got me to say yes to being his girlfriend. I was terrified to sleep with him thinking he would reject me. He ended up dumping me anyway because I wouldn’t sleep with him.

As much as it could be fun to play these games as a child, as I became an adult the Karma of Rejected Bride playing out in my life landed me with men who were not a match for me and I would ultimately reject them, or I’d be chasing after men who had no interest in me. It was painful, unhealthy, and worst of all, it was lonely.

Four months after receiving my first Karma session. I met the man who is now my amazing husband. I remember walking away glowing after he introduced himself to me at the gym. I even called a friend and told her “I think I just met the perfect man for me”.

After meeting, we did not cross paths again for another 10 months. I kept clearing more Karma and receiving other forms of energy work. When our paths crossed again I thought “this it”! Come to find out, he was in the in between of another relationship where he ended up getting back with the woman. I was so disappointed. But knew again there was more karma here. This was another moment for me to go in further and work on my karma and energy. Why was this guy who is clearly attracted to me and interested in me wanting to date someone else? Out of frustration I would tell myself “I have such horrible Karma, such horrible luck”. It was true - I had layers upon layers of energetic blocks, karmas, soul contracts and so much more that was not allowing this man into my life.

I was opening my own business at that time and decided he wasn’t the one. But he was someone I could help because he clearly had bad love Karma himself. He ended up coming to see me to receive Karma work. It was a wonderful lesson in holding my energy and having very clear professional boundaries. We worked together for 4 months and went our separate ways. Nine months later and out of the blue I received a call: “Leila I think the karma works working! She broke up with me!” His voice was ecstatic and relieved. Since he was no longer a client we began a great friendship that blossomed into the beautiful marriage and partnership we have now.

I am so grateful to have found this type of love. Love can be an extremely painful experience this day and age. As someone who reads Energy, I can attest that more than 50% of people are extremely wounded when it comes to love - even many of those in relationships are still not in the relationship of their dreams. There are so many people who have been a rejected bride, a rejected groom, rejected wife/husband, an unwanted wife/husband.

These Karmic wounds cause so much pain that we in turn inflict upon others. To be able to truly be in an authentic, lifelong partnership is the most amazing gift I’ve ever been given.

If you are reading this and can relate, Soul Elevation is your answer. Soul Elevation is a compilation of karma healing and many other modalities. I have become an expert at reading the energies that block individuals from receiving more love, money and position in their life. I take all the modalities I’ve studied and received, and use those at the perfect times and in the perfect situation to help elevate another’s Soul. I’m so grateful for a life, until now, filled with romantic rejection that has taught me to truly be able to help others in finding love quickly and, most importantly, authentically.

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