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Using TV to Unplug from the World

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies or a really good TV series, it's one of the best ways for me to unplug from the world and the the collective unconscious. When you turn on the TV, set the intention that this is downtime, put away your phone and actually allow yourself to just watch TV.

You can make this into a ritual — you can ask your benevolent guides and guardians to allow this time to be deeply regenerative for your soul and physical body and that any energy work that may need to be done is welcome to happen at this time. So, I often receive energy work while I'm watching TV. You can also make it more conscious by exercising or doing breath work with the TV on.

We have a bio mat that we put on a day bed in our living room and often I'll lie on it at a good angle to the TV so I can watch while allowing myself to decrease my inflammation. Ours has some cool, fun extras that help with things like muscle recovery and it has amethyst sown in, so it's really charging up that unconditional love.

TV can also be very connecting is in such a busy world when you sit down, consciously find something to watch together, choose to cuddle and allow yourself to relax into your partner. Especially if you've had a really busy week or you have a really busy life. This is a really great transition to intimacy and all that yummy stuff. Running essential oils in the room at the same time, or if your systems feeling called, enjoy Himalayan salt lamps and I have a big old plant right next to where I tend to hang out.

Some people including myself will tend to be couch potatoes, but it’s often is that we're highly highly sensitive and need to unplug while watching TV. I find that the more we allow ourselves to bring consciousness to the energy were in while we are relaxing with the TV, the more we're still claiming that time versus unconsciously consuming.

Also, being conscious of the content that you consume and how it impacts your mind. I find if I watch TV series where the culture is that people drink every single day, I want to have a drink every day. Whereas, when I watch things that are lighter or empowering like “Soul Surfer,” I feel like I want to get back into flow because my life goal is to improve my surfing skills and have that be part of my life.

I hope this has been helpful for those of you who may feel guilt around watching TV. Know that it's something that you need to decompress, unplug and can be made into a conscious healing practice. The biggest thing I like to say about watching TV and that I'm personally working on is taking my phone out the picture so I'm really just doing one thing and therefore allowing other healing elements into the experience versus reaching outside of self.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps.

Lots of love

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